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The Bordello




Bad Cats




 The Bordello


Maison de L'amour
This is the house I have for the bordello. I can not even express the joy of owning my dream dollhouse for this project.
There are 11 rooms, plus it has a bay window on the first and second floor and a widow's walk on the third. This house is called The Bostonian by Real Good Toys . Here is a much bigger picture of the front courtesy of
When I'm indicating a room a will state the floor first then 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Counting should be done from left to right when viewing the "back" or inside of the house. The hallways or staircases will be called just that and isn't counted as a room. So the 1st floor, 3rd room is the room on the bottom floor that has the bay window. I only mention this because this is how I will describe all the houses.
First Floor
The Maison de L'amour will have a bar and small raised stage area on the first floor in the 3rd room, with the stage being in the bay window area. From the outside it will look like plain curtains, but on the inside the windows will be covered by a stage curtain with appropriate lighting. The bar will be along the outer wall of the room. There will be a dancing pole on the raised stage. When I begin putting the house together I want to see if I can move the wall that is next to the enterance to the other side of the stairs. It would put the stairs and the front door into the 2nd room and I could put a fun old western style swinging bar door in the opening for the bar.
The 2nd room will be an office and meeting area for the clients and mistress of the house. I'm planning a large desk and formal high back chairs. I want to have pictures on the walls of all the choices the client has to choose from. Classy room with jewel colors and good lighting. The other look I might go for is hotel front desk. I keep leaning towards the latter the futher along I develop plans.
The kitchen will be in the 1st room on the first floor. There will be a table for informal meals. Very homey feeling. A place to relax and sneak a cookie or two.
Second Floor
Second floor, 1st room will be the dungeon. There will be lots of leather and fur. Whips, floggers, canes, masks, and many other toys will be hanging on the inside wall. There will be loops on the floor and ceiling for securing ropes and the like. I have tons of other ideas for this room, can't wait to start it!
2nd room on this floor will be an asian themed luxery suite. I plan to make the doors slide and made out of rice paper. Very elaborate decor.
The 3rd room on this floor is the Wet Room. So named for it's tiled floor and walls that surround a big hot tub. There will be plants in all corners and towels stacked neatly. Benches along the walls to match.
Third Floor
I'm still a blank for the 1st room, but I keep getting visions of a storage room full of old props and boxes full of costumes.
2nd room is going to be bare. A cheap striped down bed, a naked light bulb hanging from the ceiling, maybe a threadbare rug thrown haphazardly on the floor. I want the mirror-portrait-peephole for this room and also a crookedly hung picture on another wall.
 I was thinking for the 3rd room with it's widow's walk that a romantic room with a fireplace and flowery curtains and matchy matchy bedspread would be nice. Something for the ladies. But, the more I tried to picture it the more I disliked the idea. Not of having a romantic room for women, but of the feeling that I would never find a pastel flowery matchy matchy room romantic. So, the romantic ladies room stays but in Athena fashion it will all be done goth style. Black lace curtains, red velvet chairs. Maybe charcoal walls and blood red carpet. Dark red roses sitting in a black glass vase by the eleborately carved huge bed. I don't know exactly where I'll find the bed, but if I can't find what I want I will sure as hell make it. I would still like to have a fireplace and I want elegant nudes hanging on the walls. I'm still working on the concept for this one.
I would like to find an addition for the left side of the house where there is an outside door from the kitchen, but I don't think Real Good Toys makes one for The Bostonian. There is a conservatory I might add to it, but I can't think of a really good reason why a bordello would need one. LOL
There is also an issue of bathrooms. I don't really see the need to add any and take up valuable space. If I can find some space then fine, otherwise I'll just have to pretend. ^_^


 Bad Cats


 10 rooms of CATastrophe fun. Each room will feature it's own naughty feline behaving badly.

 Ideas so far.


1. Attic filled with boxes. One cat with it's head in a box and it's butt in the air. Another cat chasing a mouse.

2. A cat licking up milk that it spilled on a table.

3. A cat trying to get a fish from it's bowl.

4. A cat playing with a ball of yarn that it snagged from a basket.

5. A freshly painted fence with a cat sitting on top of it and paw prints up the side.

6. A momma cat with her kittens in a laundry basket full of folded clean clothes.

7. ?

8. A cat scratching down curtains.

9. A kitten getting litter all over the floor.

10. ?



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