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Blanket of Roses. It's gorgeous!! It will cost about $50 if I can find yarn on sale.       




Diamond Slippers

I had a link to these slippers, but AOL Hometown has been shut down and it sounds like a lot of people lost their stuff. I don't know who made this pattern. Here is the old link in case you know who SAG55 is, please let me know, (

I took the old link and used the WAY BACK MACHINE (awesome tool suggested by someone who lost their stuff on Hometown) and found the pattern and pic. Since I don't want to loose them again, I copy/pasted the pattern HERE for my reference. This is totally NOT my pattern.

I want to do them in gray and pink.





Sunflower Bookmark
Brenda Hanrahan's Sunflower bookmark 





I would like to make myself a skirt. I've seen plus size patterns around the web, but haven't really saved one to work on yet.



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