Future Miniature Projects






Superhero Hideout


A lighthouse is such a unique building that I couldn't resist.

The kit comes with a working light for the top. It's so cool!

First Floor

The whole point of a hideout is to in fact hide-out, so the first floor will be decorated to that effect. Since I have found a wide range of what a lighthouse could look like on the inside from a dirty, fishy mudroom, to an expensivly decorated apartment I'm just going to make it look like a contemporary living room. But, that is where the typical stuff ends.

Second Floor

Here is where our hero has his, or her, tech and science lab. There will be computer screens on the walls showing weather from around the world and smart boards showing all the little dots on a city map where all the bad guys are, having been tracked secretly of course. There will be a bookcase and experiementation equipment on tables; beakers and bunson burners, maybe specs for a new vehicle. I'm going to create a false wall over the window.

Third Floor 

This floor is where the weapons and superhero attire will be stored. Not much else to say except I'm planning on having lots of weapons on hand. I will also have repelling equipment on the roof somewhere for a quick last minute get away if necessary.







Tattoo Parlor



Here's a larger picture courtesy of miniatures.com


Don't let the bulky children's furniture fool you, this is a big well made dollhouse with just the space I need. I just love the idea of taking the expected and making funking cool out of it. This is my newest project idea and that means I'm still mostly brainstorming. This is the only miniature project that I have seriously considered having dolls in. I think it would bring the place alive. Now how to make miniature flash.


I like the red and white they have in the pic, but I don't like the pine wood colored doors. I think I would like to see them in black to match the shutters.

First Floor

I will probably be putting in a reception area which means a wall or at the very least a counter with seating. LOTS of flash on the walls. Books filled with pics of tatts. Merchandise in cases. Then there will be the actual tattooing area. I'm thinking a couple of spaces with all the tables, chairs, and tools required. According to the discription there is suppose to be an office on the first floor; I'm making that the bathroom.

Second Floor

The second floor will contain more private tattooing areas along with space for suspensions. I think it will be fun and a challange to create a suspension rig in 1" miniature. I would like the second floor to have graffiti decor on the walls.

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