Halloween, Cosplay, or for that special event. I barely need a

 good excuse to make a costume.


Not in any sort of order.

Halloween '08

Geisha. The kimono was a no pattern design. I've made a few of these before. The obi was new to me, I didn't like the way the back came out, would do it different next time. The hair is her real hair and we had a blast using broken jewelry findings to decorate it. The only problem we had was the white face paint. Splotchy at best, but we tried to make up for it with great eyes.




Halloween -- Demon Bride '07

Cost = Less than $10

Time = Less than one night

Above: Zombie

Halloween '06

Below: Princess Mononoke


For the opening day of the third Star Wars movie. Bad pic, sorry about that. Man that movie was bad, but our costumes rocked!

Cruella De Vil & Medusa

The Cruella won first place at a local community contest, but my daughter really pulled off the attitude to clinch the win. I used a no-pattern kimono for the puppy jacket.

Medusa was simply mulsin draped and pinned at her shoulder. Finding the snakes caused the most trouble, but when we did find some we were lucky that they had little clips on them already.

Sailor Moon above and Poison Ivy below.

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