Gnome Home #1

I ordered this piece of cottonwood bark from Woodcarvers Warehouse, I highly recommend them. I took almost exact direction from a wonderful book called, Illustrated guide to carving tree bark, by a genius named Rick Jensen.


The finished house is 8" long and 5" wide.


Before carving. You can see where I drew faint lines for the roof.









A rough shape is formed.






















Done carving except one small detail and the finishing of lacquer and wax.


























I used differently lighting so you can see details better. The wood will darken some when I get the finish on it. I'm not sure what to do with this odd piece though.





























































































I left the bottom as it came to me. I thought it looked cool.
















This is the back that I hollowed out.

















I had a problem finding the finishing wax, and I'm still trying to locate some (as of 1-2-09). As a result I only used several coats of lacquer. This is the finished piece. I think I might invest in some decent hand tools, because this is a craft I wish to improve upon.




















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