Nesting Dolls 



The Fashionably Fearless Foursome

+ Cat 

This is the first set of nesting dolls I've made. They were a gift for my niece and represent the Fashionably Fearless Foursome + cat.

Biggest to smallest: Paul, Athena, Savana, Alexis, and Waffle. I didn't paint the mouse, just had it in my bottomless drawer of crafting surplus.

I found these at Hobby Lobby for a great price, but they require a lot of sanding to fit correctly. I used super fine sharpies (<3 Sharpies) for face details, but be careful when you seal them. Many thin coats is always better than a few thick ones. I think my spray can hiccupped because one of Savana's eyes ran and she looked goth. Had to redo her entire face. They were fun to do and even though they have been sold out (as of 1-2-08), I'm keeping my eyes open for another set to paint.



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