The Witches Cupboard



When I turned 11 years old I got a doll house kit for my birthday. I put it together in three days flat. I never did much more to it after that. I lost interest because I didn't like the decorating options I had available to me and not much of an imagination. When I was 15, too grown up for doll houses in my mind, I gave it to a little neighbor girl who squealed in delight when I handed it over.

Over the years my hands craved to work on another one. To feel smooth wood fit together seamlessly and magically transform itself into a miniature house. Fifteen years after that first little cottage, on my 26th birthday, I was gifted with another one to build.

I have to say I put this one together almost as fast. There is an excitement I can't help and it takes me over. This time I was a little more careful and precise in the construction, but it still went by too quickly for me.

It's not an inexpensive hobby, so I've stretched out the decorating.  I had a hard time choosing colors and deciding on a theme and time period. It looked like this for a long time.

In the end I opted for a store, but not just your average old flower shop or corner market. No, no I have to be me after all. 

Call it a New Age, psychic, occult, or magic shop. I however have named it "The Witches Cupboard". Full of oddities I've found, made, and a few given to me. (Thanks Alexis for the real mini bones, and Mom for the real crystal skull.) I am in no way done, and have redecorated since these pics were taken.

The first floor is the main shop with things such as gris gris bags, real candles, and your willy nilly shrunken head for sale. Lots of herbs and all your basics like spell books and tarot cards.

With as much as I have done I'm still anxious about permanently hanging pictures on the walls. It's a bad personality trait that crosses over into other things in my life I think.

Hunting for the decor and 'merchandise' has been the most satisfying part of it. I had to make alot of it and I'm a little proud of the crystal balls.

The second floor is where you can get your palm or tea leaves read, weapons for any sort of demon killing or a special potion made just for you.


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