Flying Spaghetti Monster

I had tons of fun making this, especially since I had to keep it hidden. It was actually pretty easy after I found a hat pattern that I liked. It is very hard to measure someone's head when they are sleeping. Here is where I saw it first. I even saw one on etsy. I didn't use wire in the eyes, and if I ever make another one I think I will go with the wire. I also didn't add the ties that go under the chin or the earflaps. To be honest they made it look silly. The FSM is a dignified God, let's not demean him with earflaps. The meatballs ended up WAY to big, but who doesn't like a big meatball? Ehh...ehh?    This was finished a week before x-mas '08.

He's looking at you.

Using the beenie hat pattern from above I made a slew of hats. They were super fast and I even made one with earflaps! The one below has scallops around the edge.


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