Not only do I love shopping at second hand stores but I end up with hand-me-downs by the pile full every year. The girls and I enjoy transforming these once loved and discarded items into fun, and sometimes flashy, new clothes to parade around in.


 Pants to Skirts


I found a cute pattern in a book called "In*JEAN*uity" (here is a link to Goodreads for my review), for making skirts out of old jeans. Well, I had a pair of jeans that I cut into shorts, then they ripped up the leg and became unwearable. For once my packrattiness came in handy because I kept those shorts and was able to experiement on them with the pattern. They were so easy. I had to add material to "patch" up the rip, and a little white ruffle later and they were good enough to wear to the store again. I left the rip ragged looking on purpose, I am a rebel after all and must look the part. ^_^  I have another pair of jeans with torn knees and I know exactly what to do with them now. Here's a few pics of the skirt.

Cost = $0 (all scraps)

Time = 1 hour (including the rip I had to patch)



Here is one my daughter made out of pleather. She did an awesome job on it. I showed her how to do this once, and she made another completely on her own.


It has a matching jacket.

She kept the opening in the front to look like a slit, the hemming took care of the one in the back without adding any material. One side of the slit in front keeps rolling though, if anyone knows how to keep that from happening please share. 


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