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I wanted a place online where I could keep track of projects completed, being worked on, or wish to accomplish one day. I started keeping track on 10-2007 of finished projects, but there are a few older ones scattered around too. I don't have pics of quite a few projects and probably won't put them on here because of it. Any mixed media craft I don't have a page for is probably saved in a post on my blog.

So many people do one craft really well, they make perfection. I have several areas of interest and have no set pattern for which craft will be done next. I figure by the time I'm sixty years old I will be able to make one thing perfectly.

There is a crafting table in my dining room, bits of thread littered beneath it. I give away most of my finished crafts, the exception being my most treasured dollhouses. I work full time so I only have evenings and weekends to play with my crochet.

I also have two teenage daughters. They craft so well now, they will surpass my meager skills in no time at all.






"Often, when I sewed, I would slip into a meditative state, almost as if I'd become one with the fabric and thread. At these times, I felt a kind of release that was almost like happiness."     

-The Collection: A Novel   By Gioia Dilberto



 "Make it work!"

-Tim Gunn, Project Runway

These are the books I have on my bookshelf at home to aid me in the fight for imaginative craftism within the solar body of my mind.

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